Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For Melbourne Readers - Invitation to Register for Paid Market Research

I am just starting a new job where I can work from home, recruiting attendees to paid focus groups around Melbourne.  To begin with, I need to set up a database of people who would potentially be interested in attending a group.  If you, your partner or anyone else you know would be interested, email me at or call me on 03 9596 7124 and I will take down your details.  I will then make contact in the near future when an opportunity arises.  Please note this is not selling anything and apart from calls from me to coordinate the groups, you will not be bothered by unauthorized phone calls. 

A Market Research company will pay you $$$ to attend discussion groups.

Sessions go for 1.5-2.0 hours, usually held centrally in the St Kilda, Richmond, Carlton, South Melbourne and Albert Park area. Payment is from $60.00-$100 per session.  Topics can include anything from chocolates to TV, cars to holidays, alcohol to pet food.  We also have many topics for teenagers and Small Business owners.

Come along and have some fun, refreshments are always served.