Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bursting our Home Borders

We are now a family of two adults and two children living in a two bedroom apartment and it is fair to say that we are bursting from the borders of our home.  I try not to hoard, to throw things out we dont need and keep things tidy, but with two children under three, it can be a challenge.  I recently read a blog at Kylie Ofiu which inspired me to sell 1000 things.  That is a pretty large number, but with the amount of 'stuff' we accumulate, I am sure it is possible. 

For me the challenge is also to find the time to prepare items for sale (photograph, write up descriptions etc), but this will be a long-term goal.  With discipline, I can probably sell at least five items each week.  So that is my goal in this shortened week - to sell five items.  The key is that even if I sell an item for $1, that will add up to $1000 if I sell 1000 items.  My first items to sell will be some toys I have already set apart to put onto Ebay....wish me luck and I look forward to having some space within our borders.