Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What to get the man who has everything?!?

I have found that the hardest person to buy for at birthdays and Christmas is my husband.  While he has many interests, somehow he manages to be fully kitted up.  Apart from really expensive gear, he has all he needs for windsurfing, cycling, kite surfing, soccer, basketball, camping, swimming, fishing.  Sometimes, I might find something that he would like, but I have given many presents that have either not been used, were not liked or just took up too much room.  

This year, we are trying to get our finances into order after the house purchase and renovation, so its not going to be a frivolous Christmas - a good thing.

A month or so ago, when the weather was divine, I took our toddler to the beach for a picnic and took some photos.  I decided to paint one, as the Brighton bathing boxes at the beach are special to us.  It is where my husband proposed to me.  So this year for Christmas, using acrylics I will paint our son sitting at the beach with the bathing boxes in the background.  This will also be special as we are moving interstate in a couple of years and this will remind us of our time spent in Brighton.  I already had all of the supplies as I was going to use them for a project that I never started.  I must add that I am no artist, but I enjoy painting on occassion which is why I will give it a go.  To go with the painting, I can spend a few dollars on something token that my husband will enjoy.  Perhaps a second hand game for his Xbox that is cheap (i.e. under $20) or alternatively I could make him a blokey leather necklace with some beads.   I already have the leather and ends to make it,  just need to spend a few dollars on the beads.  You dont have to spend a lot of money on gifts!  I promise.

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