Sunday, December 6, 2009

The $21 Challenge completed

I will count as a success, my challenge for last week, as I only spent $19 on extra food items, except for milk.  We actually drink 12-15 litres of milk each week, and while I cut down by not having cups of milo, I would not cut down for my toddler, and its my husband's drink of choice, so I wouldn't deprive him of that.  Most of his workmates go home and have a few beers, some of them smoke too, so that is an expense we dont have to worry about. 

This week's meals were tasty and different, things that I had forgotten about cooking, we had chilli con carne, bbq chops, chicken kiev with roast vegies, beef stew, lamb shank soup, and I baked some Anzac cookies and some brownies.  It was amazing to realise that I had so many ingredients already stocked up in the pantry and freezer.  Also, a couple of the meals, I was actually able to make enough for additional meals to freeze.

This week, I am back to stocking up the pantry again, but rather than spending my usual budget of $200 I am aiming to spend $150.  I'm sure it can be done, even with a few of my supplies running low.  I need more meat, so will shop around for the best deals.  I will also cook a satisfying vegetarian meal that will save some cash.  I just have to use my imagination.

*  Butchers are often cheaper than the meat section of the supermarket
*  If you shop at the supermarket, go in the afternoon when the price of meats are marked down to move stock.

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