Monday, February 8, 2010

My Search of Paid Surveys - Part 3

Members are eligible to earn "Reward Points" based on the surveys they complete. "Reward Points" may be redeemed for rewards. "Reward Points" are non-transferable and cannot be converted into cash. "Reward Points" can only be redeemed for items listed on the Rewards page of the SurveyVillage website.

Click on the following link to join:

Membership in this online panel is fun, easy and most importantly, free.
By participating in online surveys, you will have a direct link to Government, and major companies and share with them your opinions. This will aid in their development of products, policies and services.

Opinion Matters
Opinion Matters is an online community of Australians who want to voice their opinions. Our members participate in surveys on such topics as Product Development, New Advertising Campaigns, Political Polling, Social Issues.  When you join Opinion Matters you will receive Cash Points: Redeem for Cash or Donate to Charity!
Every time you complete a survey you will earn points worth between $2 and $10.
Your answers will directly influence the decisions made by companies on products and services. By making a contribution you will influence and help form the strategies of social organisations and different levels of government.

Click on the link:

Toluna is your one stop site for everything polls & opinion related; if you’re looking for an online community that allows you to create and participate in online polls and surveys and gives you the tools and audience to voice your opinions look no further - Toluna is the place for you!

To join click on the link: and let them know you were refered by Sars3121.

Browse through hundreds of catalogues once you are signed up with Catalogue Central.  
A great way to get a bargain and save money.  Catalogue Central is an environmentally friendly company. 
Help reach the target of planting 20,000 trees by inviting your friends to join Catalogue Central.

Follow the link below to continue and Send To Friends:
ClickBank provides digital content — e-books, software, memberships and subscriptions — to consumers around the world through a network of product vendors and affiliate Internet marketers. ClickBank vendors have a digital product or service to sell. ClickBank affiliates are Internet marketers who earn commissions by promoting ClickBank products. A single ClickBank account is designed to be used by both vendors and affiliates.
To illustrate, here is an example of how ClickBank works:
  • An author writes an e-book on dieting and chooses to become a vendor on the ClickBank network. He features the book on his web site and offers a 60 percent commission to ClickBank affiliates who successfully promote the book (resulting in a sale) to end consumers.
  • An affiliate sees the vendor's e-book in the ClickBank Marketplace and decides to feature the dieting e-book on his web site or in other online promotions.
  • Each time a visitor to the affiliate's web site or advertisement clicks on the product link, the visitor is referred to the vendor's site where the product can be purchased though ClickBank and downloaded. ClickBank handles the tracking and transaction (screens for fraud and processes the payment, etc.), and if the transaction is successful, pays both the vendor and the referring affiliate.
  • ClickBank also processes any sales from the vendor's web site that are not referred through a ClickBank affiliate. In those cases, ClickBank pays the vendor only, as no referring commission has been earned.

To join clickbank, click on the link:

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