Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Search of Paid Surveys - Part 1

One of the ways I have been trying to earn some extra money is with paid surveys and emails. I have had a few people ask me about the sites I am a member of, so the next few posts will attempt to answer any questions and refer you to the sites to join.

None of these sites have made me millions. In reality, I have probably only made a hundred dollars or so in 12 months, but I missed many paid online surveys by ignoring the emails, or being screened out early in the process. Most sites will send fairly regular surveys/paid emails, you just need to have the time to complete the requirements. Time required varies for just a minute to view an ad, to a 30-40 minute survey. You are reimbursed according to the time, but dont expect to make minimum wage. Often you will earn bonus points/dollars for referring friends to a paid surveys website. To this end, I have provided the links from my accounts where I could, to earn these bonuses.

Because there are so many, I am going to carry this post over several entries.

Survey Savvy

Since its inception in 1999, the SurveySavvy online community has grown to include business professionals and consumers in more than 195 countries around the globe. Its unique patented referral program (Patent #7194448 & Patent No. 6446044) offers its members one of the industry's most innovative ways to maximize incentives while helping to enrich and grow the community.

As a member, you can make a difference by participating in online surveys, focus groups, as well as other interactive studies.

SurveySavvy is unique from other online panels because of its patented referral program that gives you incentives for every survey your referrals complete and additional incentives for every survey their referrals complete. This represents growth to your account balance regardless of whether or not you actually complete any surveys!

Join SurveySavvy and earn $1 to $20 for each survey you take (paid by check). But wait, it gets even better. Refer your friends and family to SurveySavvy and earn an average of $2 for every survey your referrals take, and if they refer others, you will earn an average of $1 per survey your referrals' referrals take. And there is virtually no mininum payment, since you can request a payment even if your account balance is a single dollar.

To sign up, click on the following link:

If that doesn't work, copy and paste the link into your browser.

My Opinions

MyOpinions is a web site that rewards you for participating in online market research surveys about your lifestyle and habits.

A company would not develop a new product without conducting research. Through a survey panel like MyOpinions, they can find out the opinions and preferences of the future consumers of their product.

As part of the panel, you have the choice to complete surveys and make your opinion count in developing new products. Because of the survey, the company is more confident about a launch of the product, and you win because you have helped to create and influence the product, and been rewarded for your time.
To join, click on link below:


You get a $10 bonus, just for signing up.  You will receive a message to the email address on your Hits4Pay account stating that you have a paid email waiting to be read. As soon as you get this notification, you may login to your Hits4Pay account and read your paid emails!

You may also choose to simply login to your Hits4Pay account, and click on internal mailbox to check for new paid emails.

To get credit for the ads sent to your internal mailbox, click on the button or link on the ad that will read "Click Here", or something similar. You will then be taken to the advertiser's website.

There will be a Hits4Pay banner above the website. You must remain on the advertiser's website for at least 60 seconds in order to receive $0.02 credit. After 60 seconds, an orange button that says Click Here to View Next Advertisement will appear on the Hits4Pay banner above the website. You must click on this button to receive your $0.02 credit!

When your first and second level members validate their email ads, you will also be credited $0.01 per email that they read and validate!

To join, use the following link:

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a service which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys. It is your opportunity to influence the development of new products and services.

To join, use the following link:

Lighspeed Panel

It is always nice to get a little extra for your efforts and this is why Lightspeed Consumer Panel is good for you!  Members can redeem their points right on our site for credit through PayPal, online gift vouchers, and donation to charities.

To join, use the following link:

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