Monday, November 16, 2009

And the money comes in...

I have managed to impress myself with the amount of money I have made from eBay this week.  I have made over $100 from junk I would have thrown out.  Problem is that it is now in my Paypal account and I'm charged for the honour of using it.  I try to tell people to pay direct into my bank account but I guess people want the protection Paypal offers.  Its only a dollar here or there, but that all adds up.  So its going to have to sit there until I can think of something to buy.  There are a few things we can use it for, with Christmas coming up, but I was wanting to put every spare cent into our mortgage, so that in not too many years time we can say "no more mortgage".  Oh well, I'll just have to try to be more efficient with the way I spend it.

I have an interview for temp work tomorrow, which is exciting.  I have taken maternity leave of 18 months so far and while it is a bit longer than standard maternity leave, as a contractor I have now role to go back to.  I am planning on working while my husband is off work over the Christmas break.  It will give him the chance to see how busy it is to be a full time parent, and give him a rest from work, while I bring in some money.  My husband is a sub-contractor so only gets paid when he is working.  I'll register with a few agencies to do admin work, and see what we can come up with.

I'm still busily sewing baby sleeping bags, I have four made now, and would like to have at least a dozen made within the next three weeks...plenty of work ahead of me.

-  Try to use cash/bank transfers when using ebay, as you get more for your dollar.
-  If your unwanted junk is in good condition, it will probably make you some extra cash if you sell it on ebay, or even have a garage sale.

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