Monday, November 9, 2009

Daily Habits

I am trying to get into the daily habit of saving money, being frugal, recycling, whatever...letting nothing go to waste. And I want to try to work each day on bringing more money into the family. Right now I am cleaning out our cupboards as we have a lot of stuff we no longer need, and putting it on ebay.

My husband could accuse me of being a hoarder, but I dont believe I am, and what I am doing now is a testament to that. I am getting rid of stuff by selling it. I dont care if I get 99 cents for something, as long as my costs are covered, then its better off in my pocket and not cluttering up our apartment. My husband was throwing out 3 old windsurfing sails. They still work, and are in ok condition so I put them on ebay thinking if I got enough for a cup of coffee to treat myself I would be happy. They were just going to be taken to the tip. Well to date, the auction on each has risen above $10, so that is $30 at least that I am going to put towards paying off our mortgage.

I am also going to be selling some baby sleeping bags I have made, at a market on 12 December. So each day I am trying to get more made. I have a fair bit of fabric at home, so I am trying to use all of that up on various projects to sell. Just another way I am trying to bring money in. If they do not sell at the market, no problems, as I have been selling them on ebay. They cost me about $6 to make so I just need to make more than that. They take 4-5 hours to make and technically my time is valuable, but if I am able to make another $6-10 for each bag, I am content. Of course I want to be rich, but I should not do it at the expense of others. My purpose for making the sleeping bags is to provide an affordable alternative to what is in the shops. Most in stores sell from $25-90. A vast variation in prices. By offering them at such a low price, I believe I should get sales. Time will tell. You never get anywhere in business if you dont try out an idea.

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