Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cheap Chicken Meal

Today the weather is a bit cooler, very pleasant in fact, so I dont have a problem in cooking inside. Another trip to explore my options at the supermarket, and I found chicken breast on special. Its only a saving of $2 a kilo, but better than nothing, and considering I am not using a whole lot of chicken, I decided that it was an acceptable price. What is it with the price of meats in supermarkets these days?!

So tonight I am making chicken kebabs. I know I'm cheating, but I bought a tube of Morroccan herbs & spices for $3. I added diced chicken breast to some olive oil and the herbs & spices, and left it to marinate for the day. On the skewers, I will put the chicken, onion, red & green capsicum, then BBQ (could grill) it. I'll serve with some rice.

- Check meat section of the supermarket in the afternoons, as they are usually marked down in price at that time to make more room for fresh meat.
- Compare the price of chicken breast pre-packed in the meat section and then at the supermarket deli, most of the time the deli is cheaper, and you can choose the quantity of meat you want.
- If possible, buy your meat from the market, it is much much cheaper there.
- If you have the room, buy a 10kg bag of rice to use as a base to a lot of your meals, its healthy and much cheaper in bulk.
- If you can make metal skewers they can be washed and reused, rather than buying wooden disposable ones. Alternatively, look out for them in kitchen stores, if you eat kebabs etc a lot, it would be worth your while.

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