Sunday, January 24, 2010

Making Money with Snap Dollars

 This blog is supposed to include ways I am trying to make money, and though I have mentioned a few things I have tried, I have not been very specific.  I am in the process of trying to rectify that, and will periodically let you know of offers as I think of them or receive information about them.  I have joined up with every survey site that I am eligible to join as an Australian citizen.  There are hundreds out there, but many are targeted at residents of the USA, Canada or UK. 

I'm making TONS of extra money with a site called SnapDollars.  They pay me to read email advertisements, complete offers and surveys, to try free stuff, play games, shop online and more! Earn unlimited extra cash and request a payout at any time.  I usually receive 4-5 emails a week, so there are lots of ways of getting bonuses.  Sign-up now and I'll earn referral money too...and so can you!  Just click on the Snap Dollars link below and follow the prompts.


  1. Thanks for passing by my blog. Appreciated.

    Snap Dollars sounds similar to QuickRewards Network. How much money have you made on SnapDollars? Is there a minimum payout? And how do they pay?

    I'll be interested in finding other ways you make money - happy to join through you if I find one that interests me.

    (p.s.: I don't know if it's my browser, but the SnapDollars link isn't working for me)

    Takwe care and have a FAB week :-)

  2. This site pays $5 for joining and you earn up to 10 cents just for viewing an ad. Plus you get another $5 for each person you refer and there are bonus offers that can earn you anything from 25cent to $75. Some require you to join a site, others do not.

    It doesnt make you rich, but worthwhile to get a few extra dollars.

    Note: You will not see a request payment button above if your account balance is below the minumum payment amount of $30.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST have at least $15 in completed offers for your payment request to be approved.