Sunday, January 17, 2010

How NOT to celebrate your birthday - The dangers of CFDs

Two years ago, while pregnant with my son, I started trading CFDs (Contracts for Difference) on the stock market.  I had been planning on doing this full time so that I would  not have to go back to work after the baby was born.  Every morning the adrenaline would shoot through my veins as if I'd had a shot of caffeine and I would turn the computer on, holding my breath, hoping the markets had gone in my favour overnight.

Sometimes I'd gasp at the profit I'd made, but other times, my heart would sink to my stomach, my shallow breaths would make me feel light headed and I would worry about my loss.  It all came to a head the first of July, the day before my birthday.  The markets had gone horribly down, I was holding losing positions and there was no hope of a quick recovery.  My husband told me that we had to cut our losses and close our positions, so I did that, with a loss of several thousand dollars.  In fact it was approximately one month worth of maternity leave pay.

My birthday came and there was no adrenaline, just dread as I work that morning. Another year older and thousands of dollars poorer.  It was a tough day for me, and when he came home from work to take me out for dinner and a movie, I just felt sick at the money he was spending on me.

As a result of this, I have decided that CFDs are not for me.  I dont think getting rich quick really works.

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