Monday, January 25, 2010

Pork Steak & My Misadventures with Dinner

I found pork steak in Coles at a reduced price, so being the bargain hunter I am, I bought some to freeze.  After a few days, I defrosted it with the intention of making a pork stir-fry for dinner.  However, the man of the house decided that he didn't like pork anymore...first I'd heard of it.  Rather than my planned meal, I had to just pull out some Chilli Con Carne from the freezer and microwave that, but I was left with the dilemma of what to do with the pork steaks.  I have decided that they will do nicely in a meat stock that I am planning to make in the next couple of weeks, so I fried up the steaks and have frozen them. 

I keep all my takeaway containers and use them to freeze food in them, but I have discovered that things get frosty because they dont seal well. To combat this, I first put glad wrap over the container, then put the lid on and label it with a permanent marker.  As  you can see from the photo, my containers are reused many times, until they have no life left in them, then they go into the recycling bin.  They are not sexy, but at least they stack neatly in the freezer and are cheap to use and easy to clean. 

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