Thursday, January 7, 2010

Princess Cushions

My nieces are mad about Princesses, so for Christmas I decided to use the fabric I had around the house and make them 'Princess Cushions'.  I have loads of pale pink princess satin left over from when I made my wedding dress, I had a roll of make your own zippers and some scraps of other fabrics.  All I needed to purchase was the double sided iron on interfacing and the cushion inserts.  I found some pictures off the internet to match what they have on their doona covers.  One has flowers, one has hearts (she is the most into princesses) and one has butterflies.  So after tracing these pictures onto the double sided interfacing, I cut out the shapes from the fabric and stuck it onto the made up princess satin cushion covers and did a running stitch around the borders with embroidery cottons that I have had for many years.  They turned out great, and were cheap to make because I had a lot of the materials already.

The cushions were based on the 'work with what you've got' idea that helps save money and use resources you already have at home.


  1. These cushions are very cute. What a great use of scrap fabrics. I need to get more handy with a sewing machine.

    Thanks for stopping by blog!!

  2. Thanks, I have made some more and will see how they go on an ebay auction.

  3. The girls LOVED them too. They were so excited to get them and immediately set about rearranging their whole bedrooms just to suit the new cushions.